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A Brief History of Kore Capital and Harbourton



Together for over 20 years, the Kosinski and Regan families have developed a professional platform to manage our family offices. 15 years ago, we launched the Kore Fund with our own capital.

Founded in 2002 by Jason Regan and Gary Kosinski, Kore Advisors, LP ("Kore") is a multi-strategy credit manager whose investment objective is to maximize absolute return over the long term while minimizing the risk of capital loss; Maximizing our Sharpe ratio and minimizing drawdowns. This objective is focused primarily on investing opportunistically across fixed income and credit.

For over 16 years, Kore also managed funds for Donald Sussman’s Paloma Partners on a discretionary basis. During that period, we experienced only one single annual drawdown; achieved positive monthly returns approximately 90% of the time and earned significant profits for Paloma’s investors.

In 2018, to more effectively manage our own capital, we began to exclusively focus on the Kore Fund. We are now combining all Harbourton (Regan) and Kore resources to focus on the Kore Fund. We want to partner with other like-minded families to invest alongside us in Kore Fund.

Led by a team of portfolio managers that have invested together for over 20 years, Kore follows a disciplined underwriting and risk assessment process. The Fund has only experienced one down year since inception and has significantly outperformed on a risk-adjusted basis.


Our Disciplined And Positive Driven Approach

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Qualitative Analysis

Quantitative Analysis

Security Selection

Monitor & Manage

  • Top-Down Approach

  • Focused Investment Themes

  • Identify Dislocations

  • Bottom-Up Approach

  • Cash Flow Valuation

  • Structure & Credit Analysis

  • Timing & Execution

  • Portfolio Fit

  • Liquidity & Size

  • Ongoing Evaluation

  • Surveillance & Exposure

  • Risk & Sensitivity Tests



Niche Opportunities


Meet Our Investment Team


J Gary Kosinski

Chief Investment Officer

David Kessler

Senior Portfolio Manager

Michael 1.jpg

Michael Rasmussen, JD

General Counsel &

Chief Compliance Officer


Julio Maceira

Senior Portfolio Manager

Andrei Itkis, CFA

Chief Operating Officer

Randy 1.jpeg

Randy Qian, PhD

Chief Technology Officer



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